So many things to write about.

In the interest of getting some content up on this site – here is just some of the topics I may cover in the future. These thoughts are not well organized but hey – its a start.  I just need to pick up one of these topics and run with it.

I swear I started this before and now I can’t find the document so here is a ‘brain dump’ of some of the many topics I could/can/will write about….

  • Non cable alternatives to live content
  • aereo (pay for remote antenna access – currently not allowed after Supreme Court ruling).
  • ustvnow (limited free and pay for other channels online)
  • cbs all access (Pay to access some CBS content and limited live tv viewing in 14 markets)
  • over the air antennas
  • Live Sports options (superbowl and some other events streamed live for free)
  • Other devices/software
  • netflix – hulu – amazon (movies past tv shows – some new content)
  • roku (device to access content – stand alone device)
  • appletv (similar to roku)
  • chromecast (device to access content – needs phone/tablet/computer to work)
  • amazon devices (similar to roku again…)
  • playon
  • plex
  • other stick devices (firetv stick, android sticks, raspberry pi)
  • “Smart” devices (blue ray players / tvs with netflix)
  • Viewing via content providers websites or using their aps

Other stuff that runs through my head

  • CBS News Network (24×7 FREE news)
  • hbo go
  • showtime subscription (coming soon says CBS)
  • hulu (international viewing)
  • tivos (why? because I have a ton)
  • slingbox (see above)
  • geolocating (location viewing within the USA)
  • the world of torrents – file sharing
  • Other questionable ‘free’ ways to view live content
  • ad blockers
  • anti virus software
  • updating java and flash
  • ninite
  • browsers  ie/firefox/chrome




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