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CBS News Goes Live – Free To Everyone

This past Thursday CBS went live with a new 24×7 news channel called CBSN.  What is really cool with it for cord cutters is that it can be watched by anyone – with or without a cable subscription.  The actual ‘live’ content is going to be live from 9am to 12am Monday through Friday.

cbsnI’ve watched it on and off over the past two days and I like what I see.  For those that remember the original CNN Headline News before it became the mess it is today, this is a lot like that.

At the right is the interface as seen from a web browser.  You can see the various topics that have recently aired on the channel and the nice thing is you can go back to watch anything you missed with a click of the mouse.

I also tried it out on my iPhone and Roku – on those devices you don’t have the column on the left but you still get a really high quality video stream running 24×7.

Even when the channel isn’t ‘live’ they have CBS Radio News updates at the top of each hour.

In the last month we’ve see HBO announce it was going to start offering its content to non-cable subscribers and CBS has also gone live with CBS All Access (more on that soon) which allows ANYONE to see CBS shows and, in 14 markets, live television.  Things are starting to snowball and I can’t imagine the other networks not providing similar options in the very near future.

Click here to check out CBSN for yourself.

So many things to write about.

In the interest of getting some content up on this site – here is just some of the topics I may cover in the future. These thoughts are not well organized but hey – its a start.  I just need to pick up one of these topics and run with it.

I swear I started this before and now I can’t find the document so here is a ‘brain dump’ of some of the many topics I could/can/will write about….

  • Non cable alternatives to live content
  • aereo (pay for remote antenna access – currently not allowed after Supreme Court ruling).
  • ustvnow (limited free and pay for other channels online)
  • cbs all access (Pay to access some CBS content and limited live tv viewing in 14 markets)
  • over the air antennas
  • Live Sports options (superbowl and some other events streamed live for free)
  • Other devices/software
  • netflix – hulu – amazon (movies past tv shows – some new content)
  • roku (device to access content – stand alone device)
  • appletv (similar to roku)
  • chromecast (device to access content – needs phone/tablet/computer to work)
  • amazon devices (similar to roku again…)
  • playon
  • plex
  • other stick devices (firetv stick, android sticks, raspberry pi)
  • “Smart” devices (blue ray players / tvs with netflix)
  • Viewing via content providers websites or using their aps

Other stuff that runs through my head

  • CBS News Network (24×7 FREE news)
  • hbo go
  • showtime subscription (coming soon says CBS)
  • hulu (international viewing)
  • tivos (why? because I have a ton)
  • slingbox (see above)
  • geolocating (location viewing within the USA)
  • the world of torrents – file sharing
  • Other questionable ‘free’ ways to view live content
  • ad blockers
  • anti virus software
  • updating java and flash
  • ninite
  • browsers  ie/firefox/chrome




Hello world!

Yes indeed, its another blog…..  I am setting this up with the hopes of chronicling my eventual move away from Cable TV, documenting all the different ways I access and watch media.  Also other options that I discover but don’t use because I don’t want to, or I might not b able to.